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TimberTool™ Tree-Felling Jack

  • Pushes the tree in the direction of your fall line
  • Reduces the need to wedge or cable
  • Fell trees more safely & precisely

Product Details

Item No. 41260

Like a high-lift jack, the TimberTool cranks up to 1.8 tons/inch pressure against the tree.  This power helps

  • Push the tree in the fall-line you’ve chosen.
  • Force the felling cut open so the tree can’t settle and bind your chainsaw bar.
  • Reduce the need for time-consuming wedging and cabling.

Ruggedly built of high-grade, close-tolerance steel, the TimberTool is also equipped with sharp teeth to bite strong in the tree and a hooked base to dig firmly into the ground.

The TimberTool is a must for anyone who wants to fell trees more safely, precisely and professionally.

TimberTool tree-felling jack, Make the directional cut. Make the felling cut. Crank & fell.