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Tooth Setter


  • Restore blade tooth set for smooth milling 
  • Reset full blade in under 15 minutes

Product Details

Item no. 41190

Teeth naturally lose their set over time which reduces sawmill blade efficiency. It can also cause the blade to dive/climb, or produce wavy or scored boards.

Check and restore tooth set at least every 3 sharpenings for efficient, straight and smooth milling.

Set your sawmill band blades to mill perfect lumber with Norwood’s Tooth Setter.

Plunger-style design to accurately and systematically check the set of each tooth before engaging the mechanism to restore the set.

Reset an entire blade in less than 15 minutes.

The Norwood Standard Tooth-Setter is factory-configured to set 1¼” blades.

Optional retrofit kit is available for 1½” blades.

Precision CNC-machined and zinc-dichromate plated.

Comes equipped with a dial indicator and support arms.