"Trekker" Portable Sawmill Towing System (not including fenders, support jacks, or road package)


  • Gives your mill basic mobility
  • Support jacks, & road package sold separately 
  • Tow behind pickup or ATV

Product Details

Item No. LM29-41150-A

Whether you plan on trailering around your property, or down the highway*, this is the package to get you started. Includes the all-steel and powder-coated sub-frame structure including connecting brackets, a solid 1400 pound-rated single axle, two 12” wheels, quick-disconnect draw-bar and 2” (50mm) coupler.

Accommodates standard 16-foot (4.8m) log deck.

To allow for towing on roads, add item no. LLM29-41150-B

If you plan to frequently tow your mill from site to site, a support jack package will speed up your setup (item no. LLM29-41150-C)