Norwood Sawmills Hydraulic Log Loaders
Norwood Sawmills Hydraulic Log Loaders

Hydraulic Log Loaders


  • Load logs on your log deck, no sweat! 
  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Use with manual or power hydraulic pump system

Product Details

Item no. LM34-HD-41400 

Load logs onto your log deck with a simple flick of a lever. The hydraulic log loaders can handle logs nearly 3000lbs (1360kg). Steel “spans” automatically drop down to bridge the gap between the loaders and your bed, and help protect your track.

Engineered for easy removal for safe trailering, you can quickly remove the loaders from your mill in just minutes thanks to the quick-connect/disconnect pins and hydraulic fittings. The same quick-connect system means you can reinstall the loaders in just as little time.

The hydraulic log loader requires either the manual or power hydraulic pump system.


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