PortaMill PM14


  • Super portable, mill remotely
  • The patented PortaMill is the only tool that transforms your chainsaw into a machine that functions like a real sawmill 
  • Safely engage the throttle from the operator station with throttle actuator
  • Raise & lower the sawhead to adjust the depth, and guide the carriage and sawhead through the cut. 
  • Two cross bunk/log clamping (log rest & log dog) assemblies make it easy to secure logs & start milling

Product Details

Item no. PM01

Convert your logs into valuable lumber with your chainsaw*, a ladder and the Norwood PortaMill. Ideal for milling in remote locations or for occasional milling, the PM14 features ladder anchors for solid track set-up, & quick-connect/disconnect knobs for easy, no tools setup, wherever your milling takes you.

With the PortaMill PM14 chainsaw sawmill(PM01), use your chainsaw* as the sawhead and your household extension ladder as the track, and mill hardwood & softwood logs up to 14" (35cm) in diameter. Cut square beams & dimensional lumber up to 8" wide (2x4's, 4x4's, 2x6's, 6X6's).

The PortaMill works just like a real portable sawmill ... the log stays stationary, while the sawhead passes along its length, slicing boards at the height that you choose. Unlike other chainsaw sawmills, there is no time-consuming and fussy rigging or clamping of any brackets to each log. Comes complete with two cross bunk/log clamping (log rest & log dog) assemblies. Chainsaw, ladder/track and optional bar & chain oiler kit not included. *Chainsaws of 65cc or greater recommended equipped bars no longer than 22" and equipped with ripping chain.

The PortaMill is an easy-to-use chainsaw sawmill. With the smooth operation of the sawhead crank handle, you can precisely adjust the sawhead height – clockwise to raise the sawhead, counter-clockwise to lower the sawhead. Once you’ve set the sawhead height, the locking handle securely locks it in place. The patented throttle actuator connects the chainsaw’s throttle to a convenient handle-mounted throttle control that permits easy activation of the chainsaw throttle at the push handle. Patented mechanism fits all chainsaws. The adjustable push handle, a patented feature for operator comfort, connects the chainsaw’s throttle to a convenient handle-mounted throttle control – squeeze to saw – release for idle.

The PortaMill comes standard with two log rest/log dog assemblies for fast dogging and positive locking, and also features back dogs for easy clamping of beams, cants and boards. Its professional “Quarter-Scale” gives you the ability to precisely mill 2” or 1” lumber thanks to the same kind of professional depth-of-cut scale you’d find on band sawmills. The 5/16th kerf is already calculated in. Built-in track sweepers next to each carriage wheel remove sawdust and debris from the track for smooth rolling action.

Compact size and quick-disconnect components make it easy to store the PortaMill away when you're not sawing, and to ensure that you receive the best possible value, Norwood ships the PortaMill in knock-down form with step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations, exploded views and photos.

Technical Data

Stocklängd - Beror på längd på stegen
Brädbredd - 8 tum (20cm)
Motorsågar 50cc eller mer utrustade med klyvfilade kedjor rekommenderas
Standardtillsatsredskap & tillbehör
Ankare för stege
Justerbar utriggerarm
Professionell kvartsskala
Alternativ inställningsdisplay - 2 tum, 1 tum and användarskala
Optional Attachments
Extra smörjningsanordning för kedja och svärd
Ytterligare spårlängor 5’ (152cm)
Klyvfilad kedja