Norwood Peavey
Norwood Peavey



  • Features strong yet lightweight handles
  • Heat-treated, zinc-plated hooks that grab hard
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Log handling tools are an absolute must to move, lift, leverage and roll logs around the sawing site and on your mill.

Indispensable for rolling logs around the woodlot and onto the mill. Jab the peavey point into the ground to gain extra torque for log rolling. The 42" (105cm) handle gives good leverage without being cumbersome. Grips 8” – 32” (20cm – 80cm) diameter logs.

Norwood’s cant hook, peavey and log-carrier feature strong yet lightweight aluminum handles and heat-treated, zinc-plated hooks that grab hard. Painted Norwood Orange® for high visibility around the woodlot. These are modern, premium-quality versions of the tried, tested and true traditional tools used by generations of loggers.

  • Item No. PV042 — 42" (105cm) — Aluminum Handle


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