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Post Oakie
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Open House

Anyone going to the Norwood Open House this year?  It is at their new facility in Oro Medonte.  I've got my tickets!

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Thinking about it.. It's only a two hour drive for me.. Was at the new facillity last fall to pickup some hydraulics for the mill, nice setup and the warehouse is huge.

Toe jamb
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Have not looked into it yet. How far of a drive is it from Buffalo Ny?


Post Oakie
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It is near Barre, about an hour north of Toronto.

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Really wish that I could go - would love to meet a some of the folks whose experiences I have been reading on the forums. I know that I would learn a lot but it’s a little out of my way and I’m still not caught up from the hurricane last year.  Hopefully one day I’ll take a road trip and come.  Have fun!!

Say It With Wood
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I have registered and plan to attend. See you there.