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Muriel W Ables
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The first number you see on your books is 800-567-0404. I used 800-408-9995 and got Cindia. Trevor responded to the clutch problem. Out of 10 calls I have had 3 answers. Email wanting a part went unanswered. It ought to be about time to see the ceramic guides.

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I was two hours this afternoon trying to get hold of parts department using this No 1 800-567-0404, all I got was a recording saying how busy they are with customers due to the high volume. If they'd have just the ceramic blade guide blocks on-line for sale I wouldn't need to talk with anyone in high volume hard times.......

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I have a set of ceramic guides I bought and installed found the rollers much better as they put down pressure on the blade. I've replaced the ceramic guides on my shop bandsaw with very hard wood and they work ever bit as well. It was a waste of my money buying the ceramic set up for my LM2000 their sitting on a shelf with about 20 hrs. of use.