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what type of tree?

I live in Northern Michigan, swampy area.I was on the other end of my property cutting down some dead standing ash trees. One of them was hanging up on this tree, not sure if lightning struck it or what made it fall but it wouldn't have been easy to take down only the ash so I cut this one down and both fell down together. Kindof looks like it has some similarities to birch but it's silvery .Thanks for the helpDidn't know if it's good for firewood or I should mill it :)



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I would say it is yellow birch. It tends to have spiral grain, especially on a larger tree. Difficult to split by hand. I like to use it for turning bowls. The spiral grain looks very nice when you put an oil finish on it. 

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 Thanks. I have just been trying to research and see about milling it. Other than a sawmill, table saw, planer I don't really have any other woodworking tools. I hope to one day get into making furniture and things but for now mainly cutting slabs and lumber to build things. 

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If it is a decent diameter then I would slab it. The spiral grain may cause it to twist while drying. Place your stickers close together (16” on centre) with one close to each end of the slab. Shield the top of the stack from rain and sun but keep the sides open to allow air to flow across the slabs. If you can, put weight on top of the pile to help keep the boards flat.

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