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Interested in a mill

Hi all...... I am interested in a mill and I have been checking out this company. Can anyone tell me how the Norwood stacks up to the competition? Also, can the bed be extended to cut really long beams? thanks, Kurt

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Dollar to dollar the lumbermate is probably the best buy on a manual saw mill . I pick mine up with a loader and move it around no bend or flex as long as its on a level surface it cuts nice lumber. Mine is set up stationary but I have moved it around on a flat bed trailer. How long of beams can you cut how long do you want I think one of the guys has 50-60 ft of track I see no problem with a 100 ft if you need it . I have 20 ft but ony use 10-12 :lol: :lol: :twisted: Whitey

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Hi Homebuilt: As stated the LM2000 is the best bang for the $ in manuel mills // I have had mine for 2.5 years without problem. Norwood sells extensions in 4 ft sections that can be added forever. Here is a picture of a homemade one 6' long added to one factory one giving me 25' cuts. JP

LM2000,23hp: NewHolland 30hp tractor/igland 3000winch: log arch. JP setcut dial.

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Hi kurt: Heres a cpl more pics of making 24' beams on the LM 2000---- JP

LM2000,23hp: NewHolland 30hp tractor/igland 3000winch: log arch. JP setcut dial.

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:D The NorWood ROCKS My friend. I built this extension in about 3 hours and it works great. I can cut 23' logs 8) The NorWood is the most for the money.

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