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Is a dust mask respirator enough or do we need a dust collector.

How much does a dust collector decrease health issues if we are already using dust masks and respirator? We have our sawmill in a pole barn. Dust blows out on the ground and I just sweep what is left outside the pole barn. So i am not worried about clean up ---- just our health. I am wondering for health reasons is a N99 or N95 dust mask sufficent or would a dust collector help with our health? Thanks Granny DP DPForumDog

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I think a dust mask is probably good enough, depending. Do you have a beard? Does it let dust around it? I use pollen masks and dust masks woodworking (that includes sanding), and I do have a dust collector I kick on when using my belt sander. My sawmill is outside, and I put on a mask when the wind blows wrong. I like the dist masks that have two bands, so I can adjust them to hold tighter to my face, That keeps the dust from getting through under my beard. Those single strap ones don't quite block that.
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Like mentioned I'm no so sure the sawdust from the mill is much of a hazard unless the wind is blowing it in your face. When that happens I just quit sawing until there's now wind or it's blowing the other way.
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I look at it as commonsense. Thats when I take a coffee-break.
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A dust collector is essential in my woodworking shop, but I seldom wear any breathing protection with the mill. It's the very fine dust that ruins lungs. I sometimes wear eye protection though when the wind is blowing. On second thought, I remember using a handkerchief, bandit-style, when milling against the wind in my early sawmilling days (before I had the mill under a roof and properly positioned with respect to the prevailing winds).
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Hi, i'm a worker
I wear 3M N95 when I work on construction site and it seems to work pretty well.


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I recommend you use both, it's best for your health and for the cleanliness of the work space as well.

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I'd recommend both, but I might be a bit paranoid when it comes to health-related issues. But I do honestly think that, especially if you do a lot of work and the environment gets heavily dusty, the mask on its own isn't enough.

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I often use the MONATA reusable Dust Pollution Mask to limit dust. In my opinion, a dust mask is enough


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In my views a dust mask Respirators is must. A major health issue faced by most carpenters is a respiratory illness that is caused by the sawdust. Most carpenters and woodworkers don't take precautionary measures while at work, and this usually ends up in severe complications associated with the respiratory tract.
I recently purchased 3M Ultimate FX full facepiece . It is quiet useful for me. It has
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You can also look for other Respirators from below article:-

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I recommend to read Things to consider when choosing a dust mask for woodworking first as there are many factors on which a good Respirators depends.

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In the air, there are countless types of dust and bacteria, so in my opinion, phoodle just a mask is not enough

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While wearing a dust mask or respirator can certainly help protect your respiratory system from harmful particles, a dust collector can provide additional benefits by reducing the amount of dust that you're exposed to in the first place.

Dust collectors are designed to capture and filter out dust and other airborne particles, preventing them from circulating in the air and being inhaled. By reducing the overall amount of dust in the air, a dust collector can improve the air quality in your work area and help protect you from the potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to dust.

If you're already wearing a N95 or N99 mask while working in your sawmill, adding a dust collector to your setup could further decrease your health risks by reducing the amount of dust you're exposed to. However, it's important to note that a dust collector should not be considered a replacement for a mask or respirator.

To ensure maximum protection, it's recommended that you use both a dust collector and a mask or respirator while working in an environment with high levels of dust. Additionally, it's important to properly maintain and clean your dust collector to ensure that it's working effectively.

Overall, incorporating a dust collector into your sawmill setup can provide additional health benefits beyond using a mask or respirator alone.By the way, my friend had a very interesting situation. He had problems with men's health and was treated at the gainswave clinic, and there they told him that it was because he inhaled a lot of dust at work. This is very strange to me. Do you think dust can cause such health problems?

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