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Exterior Shutters from Eastern Rec cedar?
Hello, Would using ERC for exterior board and batten shutters be a good idea? I read such conflicting information. We have already milled the Eastern Red Cedar 1.04 inches thick and are not going to plane it Each shutter will consist of 3 pcs of ERC 1x 4.5 x 60 making the shutter about 14.5 inches wide. We have 5" posts from ERC that have been in the ground since the mid 1960s and they are still fine. But I am concerned 1xx4x60 " might slit or crack when hung on the house in full sun. I do plan to put a semi transparent stain on the shutters. Any comments, ideas and suggestions are welcomed! Thanks Granny DP DPForumDog
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edit SPLIT or Crack in full sun tag: Aromatic Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) board batton outdoor weather
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I don't think it would be worse than any other wood I'd give it a try.
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Eastern red cedar should work great for your purposes if you use only red wood (no white wood) and avoid knots as much as possible.
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