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Beautiful Red Oak

Hello everyone 

This is my first post on here. I am going to eventually purchase a mill for personal and business use.

After loosing my job as a Forest Tech. due to a mill closing I decided to gonoutnonnmy own. Just thought I would  share some pics of red oak I have been cutting on my first job, but I can't figure out how to post them!

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There are some posts on how to post pictures, but I do it the lazy way.


I put my pictures on Google Drive, then get a shareable link




wayne busse
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I e-mail my photos to photobucket , write your post on the forum ,  then click on a new tab, bring up photobucket - click on a photo and drag and drop it after your post.

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Your off to a good start.

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I wish everyone would just break down and use Photobucket, and downsize their pics to something no bigger than 450 x 600 (doable within Photobucket).  I would like to open everybody's photo links, but because of my slow internet service, it just takes too long (if they come up at all).  So I don't even bother.  Post Oakie has given good instructions on how to post photos using PB somewhere on this forum.  Use the "Search" function to the right from Paul Bunyun and down from the big "N" and type in "posting photos."  I know Photobucket is a pain, but it works here.

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I already have about 34 different passwords I need to remember, so I'm not opening a photobucket account. I will take your comments as advice, and find a way to post from some process I already use. Your point is valid, not everyone has a fast connection. Much of the time, I don't either.

wayne busse
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I have dsl and still have trouble connecting to links. I can't pull up your last photo link. I'm with Eddie....

Post Oakie
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Here's how I do it.  It is a lot easier than it looks.  And by all means, get the file size down to no more than 100kb for those of us with slow internet!


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Wow i never realized how important it may have been to downsize my pictures. Sorry. Now i have to go figure that out.

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I used to have a powershell script that would resize all the pictures in a folder. Let me see if I can find that again.

... later...

Found it, but it takes a bit of prep to run. Let me see if I can work it into a GUI (Graphic User Interface) so it is easy to use.

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