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birch tree

This is some thing I've only seen in the past with cotton wood even after 2 years. but today I found this birch the wind blew over last spring (2015) and I bucked it off with intentions of dragging it down for fire wood. In 1945 they horse logged on this mt. and I occasoinally find 9 gage wire in the trees so I flagged this one so I wouldn't saw it or get poked with it. Some of the leaves are 6" acroos which is big for any birch tree leaf. 3 wks. ago there was no growth on this tree.

In one of the threads hdden some place Baron asked me to show a pick of the tongs I made before I kick the bucket not that their any thing special just that they were made from scrape and the only purchase was a swivel hook and clevis. Their laying on 2x6 so that gives an idea of the size.

I made this set out of scrap 25 years ago for lifting rocks in place building rock walls which I have quite a few 100' ft. of here one is 20' high. The bend in them wasn't from lifting but me pushing with the backhoe bucket. The bolt is only a 5/16' grade 8 and I've lifted boulders to the max. the backhoe could handle in excess of 4,000#.



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Bill, I sawed up a walnut that had been laying on the ground for several years, no roots still in soil.  It had new branches with leaves sprouting from the bark.  I never knew that was possible until I saw it.  I've done alot of rock work   -   now I know to get out the logging tongs to move the big'uns.  

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