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Leaning trees

After the last big wind storm my woodlot is left with many uprooted trees that are leaning up against adjacent trees. HArd to tell if they would stay fetched up if I was to cut them. That presents a problem for me as i dont know if I should cut a wedge in the lower side or upper side . And not sure if i should be finishing the cut from top or bottom. Just trying not to get my saw stuck (again). I know the root ball will want to rebound back upright. But if the tree doesnt fall cause its fetched up against other trees then itll either just jam my saw or fall straight down and still be standing. How do you all tackle these?

RW Moore
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Definitely not the time to experiment or get creative. Every hanger is different. For larger trees If you have the equipment, pull a hanger, winch or use a block and tackle. Even with equipment there are dangers with the potential for the hanger to cause whip in the upright tree which can throw debris when the hanger releases or the hanger can kick back on release. Depending on the angle, another tree can be felled on the hanger to get it to release but this technique can create larger problems. Depending on how the hanger is loaded, upon release it can move in any direction, upwards, sideways or downwards.
The following web sites provide professional advice how to buck a leaner.


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Thank you a great deal. Your post provided me with an abundance of knowledge, helping me to expand my horizons.