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Decided a few days ago it was time to replace the deck on my trailer . The deck is 16' - 2x6 but  I'm going to use full 2x12's . I only have 3- 16' 2x12's so thought I'd find a tree to fall because I have no dead fir trees large enough . There's a no. of large trees on the property but I didn't want to get one so big I couldn't handle it with a lot of effort this one will be adequate.

This one about 30" in diameter not sure how tall but I'll measure it tomorrow.

Of corse it was leaning the wrong way but the limbs were mostly on the right side to help me get it where I could work on it and not knock down 1/2 the forest falling it.

Not sure why I took 2 pics. the same but this last one shows the lean a little better.

Soon after it hit the ground the sky got black and I could feel the rain coming so decided to get off the mt. and go back in the morning to clean it up buck it and get it to the mill. Had a big rain for a couple hrs. now the sun is back out this cool weather sure beats the 95 degree we've had for the past while.

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Got back at it this morning and soon figured out I needed bigger equipment to handle the log but cleaned it up a bit while I was there.

Kioti wouldn't budge this log .

Used the backhoe to get them the mile or so to the mill didn't want to drag and get them dirty. Spaces between the trees in place rande from 12 to 14' so lots of wiggling.

Always ammazed how powerful the backhoe is pulling this log out with big limbs getting peeled off on the trees around it.

Finally down to something the Kioti can handle .

Hope all thes pics. don't take up to much of your time posting to let others see what different parts of the country are like. This took me about 6 or 7 hrs. to get the logs to the mill generally a tree like this would take an hr. if I were to skid it bucked in half.

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Thanks for posting! it keeps us all dreaming.


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Bill,  That looks like some very nice DF.  That'll make a great trailer deck.  Nice job, nice log.  I'm excited to see the deck after you get it installed.

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Nice job Bill. Beautiful forest. I'm looking forward to how you slice&dice these logs. 

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Looks like a nice piece of property you have there. 


That tractor is sexy too!  cheeky

Post Oakie
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Bill, great photos, but you need more equipment!  Seriously, have you thought about a PTO winch?  I don't know how I'd get along without one.

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Bill isn't doing enough logging, since I'm here I'll help him out........... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiLojqDUMeE

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Oldpath when I click on imgur all I get is oops wrong turn :o(
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I think half the problem is this forum, it wont let me download pictures from imgur or my Laptop without resizing them and what a pain that is, I'll need my daughter or younger son to stop in sometime to show me how it's done. The only way I can make imgur work is make small thumbnail pictures then its harder to see all the detail in picture. So maybe a link to Net Tractor Talk/NTT will work for seeing pictures, then again maybe it wont....... https://www.nettractortalk.com/forums/threads/tractor-logging.18671/ At least spell check is now working on here.

John 6:68 Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.

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Love all your picks and vids. That winch really sucks them in, lots of great mods. your the only one besides me where I've seen the stoppers on the top of the bucket to keep logs off the hood :o) I also right on filters and every thing else with a felt pen to help keep track and which way is which for levers.I only have 1 hook centered on the bucket because I know sure as hell if I had one off to the side I hook onto it and bend or wreck some thing.It's gone from snow to dry as bone around here no rain for a couple mons. TY for taking the time to post.