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Possible source of free wood; anyone else have experience with something similar?
I noticed a local add for free wood, and found a link to this site: This looks good, but has anyone else had experience with such a group?
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I haven’t seen a website exactly like that one, but have contacted individual tree trimmers ( I think that’s the same as an arborist) and some of them keep a list of folks who want logs. The guys in my area don’t deliver the wood as they aren’t set up to handle logs - if no one picks up the wood they cut it up and haul it off to landfill or give to firewood folks. My experience has been that if they call that they need me to get the wood at an agreed time and place because they won’t be paid until the job is done. I have gotten some really nice logs this way, but have also had to pass on some when I couldn’t meet them at the agreed time and place. Would really be sweet if they can drop it off for you.
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I've given my card to some trimmers, and so far not a single log from them. I've got a call into this place; I have a trailer I'll park at their trimming location, and pick it up once it is loaded; whatever it takes to get the free wood.
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About 80% of my wood now comes from tree services, but I make it worth their while, just to make sure they remember to call me. If they can load my trailer, it is worth $50 (cash) and makes us both happy.

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I got a couple logs from trimmers; I give them a nice slab for a workbench or something. They seem to enjoy that a lot! My biggest problem is now I'm getting calls about huge trees; right now, I have to figure out how to cut a 36" diameter oak log donated to me. My LM29 is getting beat up.