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and now that I have figured out how to link images, there are now pictures of my tractor and boom!!

wayne busse
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Great looking saw shed , Scottie.  I' ll  bet that boom  makes that little deer lite on the front end , be careful.

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Hey Scotty we had one of theose King Cutter style boom poles on the farm and found it useful. Carful how much you try to lift as we ended up bending ours all to pieces behind out Massey180 whie lifting an ash stump. Great tool, know there limits, most are 1500lbs half way out and 1000 all the way out. Fond memories using that.

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This is what I pretty good....I aim to install a 12V winch to replace the 60 year old arms die a little bit more everytime I crank up one of those 12.6 foot monsters!! The arch was built with whatever leftovers I had lying around.....stock tires off the Kodiak, spindles and hand-winch from Princess Auto.

P.S. You'll need to click on the image to view the entire picture.


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Looks excellent, thanks for sharing.


One thing I have thought of for the winch on my sawmill is a custom adapter then using my cordless driver to crank the winch.  I can load most logs with my tractor less the biggest ones, so the winch does not get used much!!

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Not fair posting a link then deleting the pic. sad

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My apologies to Bill and anyone else who tried unsuccessfully to view the picture....gremlins at work I guess...all fixed now.....Gary

Post Oakie
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I'm guessing the winch would require more torque than a drill could crank out, but even a small 12V winch would likely handle any logs you need to pull up a ramp.  Nice log arch!  What would you think of installing a panic lever that would drop the log if it gets pushing you downhill too fast?

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That's a real nice arch,tractor, and grapple . A winch is real handy if you were closer I'd give you a pair I have. TY for posting.

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Thanks for the offer Bill...I do have 2000 lb 12V winch that's just waiting to be installed...I just need to work up the gumption to do it...

Post acreage is generally flat with the odd little dips here and there....haven't experienced any excessive pushing with the arch....I can always hook it up to the tractor if required for steep downhill control.


clam lake dave
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Do you lift your logs on the mill with the Boom Pole?

How high can you lift the logs off the ground?



 photo Double D Sawmill Logo Design V4_zpskf3kpiyy.jpg

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The best pic I can put on of my arch is a drawing of it when I made it last year never ever thought of taking pics  of  it maybe when all that snow disappears.

I works in conjunction with another arch I have little bigger able to handle 36" logs at the butt making me able to haul out the whole tree usualy red or jack pine (up to 60') from the bush.

Pulls quite nicely behind quad.

Tryed to pull up some pics but cant log on to photobucket

Going to try this" rel="nofollow">http://

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I think I got it if I can get rid of the doubles.


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