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Skid trails

Well it's that time of year for me to deal with what winter left in store so I can get logging again. Had some wind leave a few trees right at the top of a very steep trail it was a little wet so I didn't try very hard to push them up over the top.

Had a good rain and it was out one trail a pile everything on the trail below it.

Discovered it yesterday and more rain is coming so took the backhoe up today & got at it, very steep but managed to get about 150' cleaned up wide enough to make it up to the top in about 2 1/2 hrs. Then I was able to dig out the culvert and get the water flowing back in the creek.




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That's a lot of work! Where I grew up on the coast, washouts were common. Where my tree farm is, the soil is a lot more open, and not as much precipitation; most of the problem is small rivulets that are left untended for a while.


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Well Roland you have a real nice tractor now so dealing with your roads and trails will be a pleasure for you.

Post Oakie
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Nice tractor, but I'm guessing a lot of hand work once you got to the culvert.  Reminds me, I've got some trail clearing to do, too.

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I wish I wish I wish 

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