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My pile grew a bit since my last post.

I sent this pile off to the sawmill. More than I can handle and store and I didn't want to wait a year to start recovering my expenses to log them out. I still have 50-60 trees to cut down. The more I look the more I find.

I made the log loading ramps and installed a 12 volt winch. Just have to paint them up now that the weather is improving.



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Those are beautiful logs hope your shipping all the dirty ones smiley.

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You bet ya. I was waiting for the log buyer to dock me for that but he never said a word. Unfortunately I had to get the logs out of my hollow no matter what the skidding conditions were due to time restraints. Nice thing about ash though is the bark peals off pretty easy.

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Nice pile of logs!

If they use a hydraulic barker, the dirt won't matter. They get a free wash in the process.

Post Oakie
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Is that all beetle killed ash?  I like the way you keep it up off the ground.  That will pay off when you put them on the sawmill.  It's nice to be able to pick and choose which ones to keep and sell off the rest.  Makes beautiful flooring.

wayne busse
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Mtndog, great pile of logs. Did you cut ,skid ,and pile all those logs by yourself ? What did you get per bd-ft on  the logs you sold?



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Yea, all beetle killed. Pretty much did it all by myself. Had help from the neighbor a few days. Drug it out with my John Deere 2130 and stacked it with my case skid steer with grapple bucket. Pulled all the limb wood out also for next years heat! This all came out of one hollow, about 4 acres. The hollow is now 80% clear cut. Going back in there now planting 2000 seedlings in their place. Still have about 50 - 60 trees to cut down on the remaining of my farm.

The log buyer paid .30 - .80 per bd. ft. depending on grade. Allot less than I would have liked especially for all the work involved. But this way this bulk of logs (8000 bd ft. worth) is out of my way and some cash in my pocket. When I do cut out the rest of the trees I'll mill them myself and sell the lumber for better profits.

Post Oakie
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That's ambitious project.  What will you be planting?  Do you have your place set up as a tree farm?  Sounds like ash prices are about the same as oak, though white oak is up because of its value for whiskey barrels.  I can't sell lumber off the sawmill for what they pay in the log.  Maybe those distillery folks know something...

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This all started as a wildlife habitat improvement project. My 106 acre farm is 35 acres tillable and the balance wooded. I'm a very avid hunter so anything I can do to improve habitat and thus my hunting opportunities is top priority. Allot of the wooded acreage was over run by floribunda rose, a non native invasive pain in the butt...literally. So we started last year by spraying to kill the floribunda rose and other nuisance species. After the spraying I am to plant 3000 seedlings on 7 acres in two hollows that were the worst infected. The one hollow had all these ash trees that were going to die anyhow so I wanted them out before I planted. I'm planting red oaks, white oaks, chickapin oak, persimmon, paw paw, wild plums, hickorys, crab apples, sycamore, nutall oaks, dogwoods, red buds, nannyberry, spicebush and a few others I cant remember right now.

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That is surely allot of habitat. It sounds fun but with much hard work.

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mountain dog, 800 a thousand for prime ash is a good price, sell all the prime logs you got !!


Post Oakie
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Japanese honeysuckle is the main non-native invasive here, strangles everything!  I'll be spraying for it this fall.  Fortunately, it stays green longer than anything else, so I can hit it after the trees are dormant.  Working on salvaging oak right now.  I'm trying to sell enough to get some decent harvesting equipment.  Then a kiln...


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