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Skidding Wood with Horses

I am having a blast with this new go pro camera.   Here I am using my team of draft Belgians to harvest some salvage blow down pine. These are  logs in my other video that I am sawing for my new machine shed project in the spring.


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Very impressive, on all fronts: horses, team, dog, driver, skidding, environmental effect, film, efficiency, etc.

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I like appreciate your video and how well trained your horses are, I have three Tennessee walkers that are used for bird dog field trials they have to ground tie and not be gun shy most of the time smiley . Fred

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Thought I would add a horse photo, my daughter and me several yrs ago. No logging going on here.


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Great phot Fred, I presume you hunt quail down there? I hunt my two English springers for native grouse and woodcock up here. Keeps me very busy most of October. Love my dogs and hunting with them. 



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Not many quail left in VA NC you have to travel south or west for wild birds and that can be iffy.


wayne busse
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I use to love to hunt quail as a kid, but since the blizzard of 1977 we haven't seen or heard a quail here in southeastern Indiana. The only game bird left is dove and a few woodcock.

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Never hunt them , but Quail but have moved into this area a few years ago . I've been trying to encourage some of them to move up the mt. here with some luck at least 1 pair have a batch of chicks here for the last few years but they prefer the valley below. I have to slow down for large flocks of them every time I head to town on  a secondary rd. right below our place. Here's one in the back yd. keeping an eye on me.

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That is a great picture Bill.




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Love your video.  Feel less than adequate pulling my logs with the tractor, after seeing this!!

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