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Trees Bent by Man

As you are out in the woods, looks for these bent trees.

Consider that those trees with 90 degree turns in them might actually have been grown like that. It might mark water, a trail, or something else of significance.

It seems to me that the members here have a reverance for the history and customs people and that we don't take just for the sake of taking.


Bent Trees as Markers

So as you see these, maybe we talk to these folks and get them inventoried and marked and studied.


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Thank you for that.  Fascinating.  Another thing to look for in the woods.

Post Oakie
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And there are others who have turned it into an art called "tree shaping".  http://www.amusingplanet.com/2011/09/art-of-tree-shaping.html.  Just goes to show that not all furniture comes off the sawmill.

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