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I always prefer buying good quality chainsaw mills that can easily fit in small spaces. I own a small garage is where I usually deal with woodworking matters. However, the ones from Norwood are my favorite, only if they make them easily available on Amazon.
This article is quite comprehensive and helped me and my friends in choosing the mills that are affordable and of top quality




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I tried the link in a 'safe browser', and it didn't register. I suspect David1998 is also a spammer. Not sure if Norwood is asleep at the switch or what, but if this continues, I need to drop off this forum. Even if it is helpful, it is getting risky.
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My first post. Everybody has a favorite brand and will argue in favour of that brand. I used husqvarna 272xp for 20 years, still have them both. For limbing I used a small 36cc husky. 3 years ago I retired to my cabin, bought a used sawmill(LL24) and a wood boiler to heat my shacks. I found myself using my saws daily so I decided to invest in new saws. I researched and found that most saws were now manufactured in China. No way I was buying a pro saw made in China so I bought 2 Stihl MS261CM and 1 MS661CM. Very good saws. No complaints at all. Will buy Stihl exclusively unless the others start manufacturing at home again. My 2 cents.

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Paddy you just like owning lots of chain saws :o) I don't think you would ever wear out the Husky's but now at least if a Stihl doesn't start you'll have something to fall back on. Btw they are probably great saws I'm envious .
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What do you think about Echo and Ego saws. As far as I know, they are good for firewood. Selecting from this article -

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I guess Stihl Farm Boss is the best

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I am just starting in Zimbabwe and just acquired Husqrvana 365, so far so good will soon be attacking a sizeable homestead gum plantation will see how good it is, but I need anyone's advise. I would like to acquire my first portable mill from South Africa and if possible end up the first Norwod agent in Zimbabwe and want to knw how good is the PortaMill PM14 is.because it appears is the Norwood entry point saw mill. Please advise I am as raw and green as they come in lumber, but want to specialize in gum. Thank you.

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You have a very good chainsaw but the way things seem to be going at Norwood recently it may be advisable to shop else where.
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Sad that you have to say that Bill but it’s true. At least you’re honest about it. 😞
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Ah-ha!Great post and you say great topics to discuss. While you all have mentioned another couple of chainsaw brands here, it's safe to say the majority of loggers use Stihl saws, and the rest use Husqvarna. These two brands have the best reputation for quality, hardworking, powerful chainsaws for professional use.

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Hello, Friend! I use Husqvarna 560 XP - It is developed for professional loggers and skilled land owners. The saw has a ground breaking design and is loaded with innovative solutions for efficient, convenient operation.

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Thanks for your information.