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yard tree clean-up

Raining this morning but wanted to see an end to the piles of limbs and finish cleaning up. I much prefer logging in the woods where all the clean-up can be done with the tractor. I'll stop inundating you all with pics. after this episode.

This is my secret fire starter today I had paper so it was much easier that searching out so dry bark.

Next time I go to town every one I meet will say I've seen you've been burning again we seen the smoke on the mt. side.


Had my lunch now back to baby sitting the fires.

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Well I for one never get tired of pictures or videos. Especially of sawmill operations and the forests. Nothing green like that down here right now. Just big oaks, pines, hickories and bald cypress with Spanish moss. I'd much rather be doing what you're doing than working on broken down army equipment. 

wayne busse
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Same here, keep them coming.

Post Oakie
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Thanks for posting the photos.  It is an inspiring way to start my day, especially on days when I won't be out in the woods or on the sawmill.  Beautiful country up your way.

Good judgement comes from experience... experience comes from bad judgement.

big al
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Been wondering what you been up to and after looking at all these pictures I have an idea now.  I enjoyed it all from the falling of the trees to the carving of the bear to the burning of the limbs.  You are certainly skilled!

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Keep the pics and narratives coming Bill. Thanks for all you do. Shaneh
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Keep the pics and narratives coming Bill. Thanks for all you do. Shaneh
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I've not done a lot of logging mostly just clean up and burning from snow and wind the last couple yrs.I was also laid up physically last winter so did what I could do in my shop. This fella walked past my house the other day.

This is one of the many bears I have pics of in my back yd.

Did some wood burning & next is a maple log I put on the mill but it was to big for me to do what the customer wanted , live edge on both sides.

Thank you for your hubling comments. Bill

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Somehow missed these pictures when they came through - pretty neat Bill!
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I remember once I was also removing an old tree from my yard; it was a big yard and there were several trees, one was too old and I wanted to remove it so that it would not damage my house in a hurricane. When they cut the tree down they did not calculate the trajectory of its fall. The tree broke my swimming pool. I haven't seen a facepalm like that in a long time. When the tree was removed half of the pool had to be repaired, now I am faced with the choice of what pool cleaning system to buy, can anyone advise me something new?

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