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Fast Log loading rig on my trailer...under $1000

I was increasingly frustrated by having to turn away nice (and free) saw logs, this due to my inability to load them onto my trailer. In the past, I would hire equipment to load these logs or hire a log truck. This proved to be too time consuming and costly to make sense. I designed and built this simple rig with help from a local Amish welding shop.This will load surprisingly large logs with ease. The pulley bridge fits into the tie down pockets of my trailer and is easily removed for other trailer tasks.

My log pile has since grown impressively with a little help also from Irene and Craigslist. enjoy

Video of the log trailer

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I put together a similar setup to load short logs in my 12 foot trailer. I have a Lewis Winch I use to yard logs and then skid with an ATV using a home-built skidding plate to hold the butt off the ground. When loading, the skid plate doubles as the ramp and I have the winch mounted to the front of the trailer with a receiver hitch mount. With this setup I can load two logs high, and sometimes 3. I also have a larger trailer similar to yours and have been thinking about how I could adapt the idea to the longer trailer to haul 16 foot logs. Your solution looks great!


Gerry B
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Those log trailers and winch loaders seem to work quite well and the nice advantage of designing and fabricating it yourself is that you can keep the cost relatively low and also customize to your own specific needs. My trailer is a commercially purchased one that I bought five years ago. It's small enough to haul through the bush with an ATV and yet capable of being hauled behind my truck at highway speeds. In incorporates side loading (parbuckling) with a 3-position mast that can be moved from side to side or the front of the trailer. Load limit is 2000 lbs. Gerry B.

mister Ed
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Good looking rigs you guys have. Here is the one I put together. I had the trailer, the winch, and all the arn I needed.
I just had to buy the 8 ton ram.


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Nice setup,Looks to that of a 5th wheel king pin setup.But I was just wondering what do use to make the slide with a load on??.On my 5th wheel I use a plastic disc,Instead of using grease(which makes everything WELL !! dirty :lol: )Well this way I have no worries not been able to make the when needed.I found that much easier & much cleaner also.The plastic can be bought at a automotive store.It's about 1/4" inch thick.I found no worries when the weather turns to the -0 and below.But that a idea :?: .Well anyways the it sure is a nice setup.

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