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Heavy Logs

Hi all, I have about 15 yellow pine logs that are right at 28 inches x 17 feet. Can someone tell me what one of these might weigh? Also they are stacked in a bad way, but I recon you'll have that from time to time lol. A friend of mine has a small boom truck I'm gonna use this weekend to move them. But I would like to have an idea of there weight.\n Thanks all

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Hi Red pine at 28\" both ends and 17' long would go about 3260# syp would be about the same I think JP

LM2000,23hp: NewHolland 30hp tractor/igland 3000winch: log arch. JP setcut dial.

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Thanks JP, I allready have the logs just waiting for the mill now lol.

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Woodbutcher,\n \n This website has a great calculator for log weight. Just plug in species, diameters of the ends, and submit.\n \n

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Oh yeah,\n \n I need to tell it how long the log is.

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I thought I would add to this, instead of starting a new thread. I found a neat wood weight calculator that you can use for boards. I was looking because I cut a doug fir, and could carry the 6/4 boards, then a gum tree, and I had problems carrying 4/4 boards. The gum was pretty wet' apparently I was getting water out the back side of the cut, and I could see water rising to the top of a board when the blade went past. Here's the calculator:
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I downloaded the sawmill owner app from Norwood and use it pretty often. It calculates board feet in a log by dimensions by all 3 commercial methods, will calculate board feet in a board by dimensions, and will calculate log weight by dimensions and species. Has always been fairly accurate to my knowledge. Only shortcoming is that it puts a heavy load on your operating systems (according to computer gurus) so minimize it when not in use to prevent system slowdown. I think it was free when I got it, but I would probably pay for it now after using it because it’s been very useful to me.
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