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Robert in W. Mi.
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Holiday Weekend

What's everyone doing over the holiday weekend? Driveing to see friends or family, or are you going to get some sawmilling in!!\n \n Robert

Burl Jones
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Hi Robert , We just celebrated our long weekend here in Canada . We planted a large garden of veggies like we usually do . We also received two colonies of honeybees , and put them to work right away on the apple and berry blossoms. I made all the hive and frames for the bees from pine I had milled on my Lumbermate . It was a very satisfying woodworking project . My kids are really enjoying watching the bees do their thing. Ity's not quite heaven , but it's a pretty good life. How about you ? Burl

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Robert\n \n I got a short load of 8 foot ponderosa pine logs a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to saw them. I plan to do some fine tuning and sawing those logs. There is also a reason for what we used to call Decoration Day, and my wife and I will place a few flowers on family gravesites.\n \n Sawdoc

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LONG time since i heard it called that, we've come a long way since then. Have a nice holiday.

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Hey Skip,\n \n Yeah, my grandparents always called it \"Decoration Day\" (Mamaw, at 95 years old, still does). We're quickly becoming the old ones it seems :eek: \n \n We got plenty of work to try and get done around here and gas is too high to travel much. Y'all take care.\n \n Jerry

Robert in W. Mi.
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Burl,\n \n I've been working on ripping out and replaceing the tile in my bathroom. It was a real pain as the origional tile was laid over particle board that \"of course\" failed!\n \n My brother came over and helped me, and today we finally got it grouted.... It was quite a job by the time the demo was done, and cement board was put down to tile over! \n \n BTW, the tile is a bit darker in color than the pict. shows, and also the actual grout color is tan...\n \n \n \n Once i get the toilet rebuilt and installed, and the room painted i'll be ready to build a small pool utility room for a friend. It will be to store all the pool tools, and also the roof will have a solar panel heater to heat the water in the pool.\n \n That's what's going on over here for the next several days!\n \n Robert

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Hi Robert- One of my son's is getting married Sat. in Plattsbury, NY I knew if he offered enough money he would finally get a girl to say yes! Then get up Sun am and drive 5 hours to Hamilton, NY for another wedding. But alas on Mon I'll be making sawdust rain or shine. Oak and Cherry

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Kelley Wheeler
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