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Shadow Hawk
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Murphy's law and the Sawyer

Today i found out Murphy's law for the Sawyer. \"If there is anything hidden in a log, not matter how small. You are gonna cut through it.\"
This happened to me on the first log I cut today. By the time I finished cutting the log the blade had became pretty dull. Cursed myself for not doing a good job of sharpening it, but as I was stacking the lumber I noticed something shining in the wood. It seems that I had cut right through a bullet that was in the tree (from tip to tail and along the path of the bullet). I was however lucky in that it appears that the jacket of the bullet had came off in the first inch or so, and all that I cut was the lead of the bullet. No damage to the blade but boy is it dull. Sorry no pics. will try to get a couple tommorow if not raining...

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I have found that Lead will take the set out of the blade more than it dulls them. I have cut through a few of them myself.

Robert in W. Mi.
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If you see bluestain like in this pict., you better be looking for metal!

Sometimes the metal is so deep as in a bigger tree you, can't even find it with a metal dector... :(

I have to admit, i didn't look for metal in that one though... :oops:


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robert, i have one of those metal detectors like you have, works everytime without fail. says lm2000 on the front cover :roll:

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