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Drying Trembling Aspen

Does anyone have any experience drying Trembling (Quaking) Aspen? Any success? This wood is very prone to twisting and cupping. I live in Canada's Boreal forest and it is a very abundant timber but often overlooked for the above reason. Ty - Sunset House Alberta

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I think there was a bit of discussion on this thread.

I don't have any experience drying it; I have worked with it some time ago, making weather radio boxes, of all things; I loved it, but needed to seal it before staining, as I remember. Otherwise, the stain wouldn't be consistent.

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Aspen sure doesn't grow where I live, but I've visited forests of it in Colorado. "Sawmill & Woodlot's" lumber species pull-out series says: "Aspen is one of the easiest woods to dry, unless it is bacterially infected." They say "drying rates can be as rapid as possible" and warn that "slow drying can quickly lead to blue stain." Bacterial infection (usually in the heartwood) results in wet pockets that can be very hard to dry, necessitating long drying times.

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