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Montana Sawyer
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Logosol Sauno Kiln Questions


I have recently purchased a lightly used LM2000 mill. I have milled for several years using a Alaskan Mill, but age has caught up with me so I am happy to have found this Norwood mill.

As part of my milling and drying upgrad I have pretty much decided to purchase a Logosol Sauno Kiln. Any one out there that has experience with this Kiln I would appreciate your input.

 My biggest question is that in Logosol's plan for actually building the Kiln box they specify the following:



Dow Solimate, 300 BE.A.N,

Paroc Ecoprim 957-00 or similar insulation boards with compressive strength of about

300kN/m² ( 0,3N/mm²) or more.


 This is a European specification and I can not find this product in the US. This is not styrofoam insulation, note the high compressive weight. If any of you have built one of these kilns can you please let me know what and where you purchased the equivilent I would appreciate it.



J R in Missouri
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I am sure this is a polystrene type insulation .  Look up Baileys On Line for their PDF on making the Logosol Sauno Kiln


2000 Norwood Lumbermate Mark IV and Lester (Sawwood}

maynard nordmoe
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Is your Logosol up and running now?  I have several questions on construction and operation.

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