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2013 Norwood Photo & Video Challenge... It's not too late to enter

We've received some great entries so far, but we're still waiting to see yours. All entries must be received no later than October 15, 2013

Show us your Norwood Sawmill in action in the Norwood Photo and Video Challenge

As a Norwood owner, you're eligible to enter and win!  Send in photos and videos of your projects and of your Norwood Portable Sawmill in action.


Enter in any, or all, of the following categories

1. Homes, cabins and outbuildings (Exterior)

2. Homes, cabins, and outbuildings (Interior)

3. Furniture, cabinets, and fine woodworking

4. Norwood samill and operation in action (Photos)

5. Norwood sawmill and operation in action (Video)


Click here to enter



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Will be sending some in this weekend!!

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