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Post Oakie
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Headed to Ohio

I'm leaving tomorrow for the Paul Bunyan show in Cambridge, Ohio.  Looking forward to seeing the Norwood folks, catching up with the news, and once again watching the hydraulic sawmill in operation.  Anyone else going?  The Shoot-out if firewood processors this year, and I'm looking forward to that, as well!

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Keep us posted Oakie the drive is a bit to much for me.


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Dave, I should go just to catch up with you. Too many things have changed this summer. Daughter moved from Mississippi so I won't be heading your way anytime soon. Just quit one job and picked up a part time gig building caskets. It would be fun to see all the tree  stuff. I wonder if Norwood is going to the Southern Ag show in Georgia this year. I might make that trip again. Lots of cool stuff. Dan

Post Oakie
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Dan, we'll get together again one of these days.  Caskets should be pretty steady work (as is printing tax forms).  Yeh there's lots of tree stuff at the show, but it is all way over my budget.  Best I ever do is to score a T-shrit or two.

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might make the trip over to see you, its in the next county over. about 45 min. away or if you want your welcome to stop by here.

Post Oakie
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You'd be welcome any time (anyone on the forum is, by the way).  Private message sent.

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