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Introducing the Norwood Sawmills Calculator Mobile App

We're excited to announce the release of a unique, new calculator app designed specifically for portable sawmill owners as well as log and lumber traders. Quickly calculate the board-feet content of your lumber and sawlogs or estimate log weight.  Simultaneously scale your logs using all three log rules: Doyle, Scribner and International 1/4", so you and your purchaser or trading partner are on the same page. This calculator is an essential item and will be great time saver for any sawyer. Find out more and access the download for Android or Apple iOS devices at

Post Oakie
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Sounds like it would be handy around the sawmill. I'll check it out. How does it it compare to the scale stick for whacking snakes? Or is there another app for that?

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When I click the link it comes up page not found ??

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It comes up for me. Asks for 99 cents to purchase. I'll never get enough saved for hydraulics at this rate !!

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@ Post Oakie,
For the snakes, I suggest having a couple months of real cold weather, so they never come out of hibernation. As I understand, some of that weather got sent your way this year; was it enough, or do you need more?

Post Oakie
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Sure, bring it on! I've got plenty of slab wood for the stove, and frozen ground is better than mud any day! Snakes don't bother me, unless they're venomous. The way I see it, you're either out in whatever the weather throws at you, or you're milling for a hobby. Only problem is now I gotta buy a $300 ipod to run a $.99 app!

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Its unfortunate that its not available to those that dont use those means of technology.

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Second the motion.

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The app. is cool and works great !!!! thanks norwood !

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When will it be available for Android?

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Looks very interesting. I'd like to make a similar app for my business


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I clicked in link but it come up with not found, can you resend another link? squidgaming