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Mobile App for Portable Band Sawmill Owners & Operators

Tell us at Norwood what functions you would like to see in a mobile app for portable sawmill operators.

Norwood Sawmills just developed a log scaling app (Norwood Sawmills Calculator) but we want to know what else would make you more efficient and productive.  What features and functions would you like in a new sawyers’ mobile app? 


Please let us know in the comments below. Thanks!


LATHAM FARMS's picture

I like it but for folks like us with huge hands its hard to slide the scale and get to the right dimensions. maby not something easy to fix... or something I can fix and I haven't figured out how yet !

r.garrison1's picture

If so, then instead of sliding the scale, you should be able to hit the number, and type in a different one. That way, you can use the keyboard instead of the slide.

LATHAM FARMS's picture

Good idea Roland !!

Alex's picture

Make it available for blackberry, I have it on my I pad but would be handy to have on my phone.

machamillion's picture

I cant find for my iphone.

Trespassers W
Trespassers W's picture

An Android version would be nice.

And for those who fall into that camp, I found SawLogCalc a while back. It isn't the prettiest app out there, but it's free, has no ads, and looks like it will do the job. I am NOT affiliated in any way with this app or its developer. Just thought I'd pass it along. The website is

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