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Sawmill usage question

Hi everyone -

I have a fun question for all sawyers.

How often do you use your mill?


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I,de sure rather use it 5 a week ! sawdust smells ALOT better than a machine shop

LM 2000,4ft ext. 23 hp vtwin IH 464 2000 lb lift to 9ft. , all stihl chain saws & lots of other stuff

Dail Harris
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I didn't vote,sometimes,I may saw daily for a coupla weeks,not saw for a onth,saw two days ,not for a week. Just never know,but usually not enough

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Hi Ho: I attempted to vote: 4-5 days/wk saw no action showing it took my vote?? JP

LM2000,23hp: NewHolland 30hp tractor/igland 3000winch: log arch. JP setcut dial.

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Weekends are mostly my time for sawing. Start planning Thursday... hit the woods on Friday...Saw on Saturday.. Sunday, finish up, close it down and do maintenance. Vacation weeks are a little more.


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Hello, would love to every weekend for now and in the future during the week. But life gets in the way and for now only every third or fourth week.



Post Oakie
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I was full-time, cutting RR ties & flooring, about 8 years ago.  Now, I'm pretty much weekends, for fun and profit.  If I can get in one good day a week, I feel pretty good about things.  I do my own harvesting, and it generally takes longer to bring in logs than it does to slice them up.

Ferdinand Bellavance
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I have had my norwood saw mill for 4 years now and have use every summer, I have built new kitchen cupboard . a camp, a gazebo , new cedar porch, new wood siding on my house and so much more, my name is Ferdinand , just became member today , I am a Canadian in the North bay Ontario ,

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smiley Well I use mine for the purpose that I bought for,And that 's when I need to use it making special wood for my self.Me and my little woman we enjoy our mill that when we need a special board well,there ithe mill .We enjoy the mill cause we don't like to ask for any help for anything,cause people are not like they use to be, for MONEY FIRST then we will think about the help we offer.So we just turn and walk away when they want our help for it's a 2 way street.I drive truck all winter long and work the farm and mill when needed.So as we look at it DON'T ASK AND I WON'T GET  TEED OFF.


Kids who hunt fish and trap,DON'T mug little old ladys.Plus this one also =I'M
PRO-CHOISE...I CHOOSE to hunt,fish,TRAP,eat meat & wear fur.Also work my lm2000,Also my L775 new holland skid steer,D65 Komatsu,Hough100,m5 tractor,

Post Oakie
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Around here, it is pretty much a two-way street, and I've swaped sawmill work for welding, garden produce, or an extra hand when I've needed one.  Sure, some people will take advantage, but it doesn't take long to figure out who they are.  Overall, I think I've come out ahead, though I don't keep score.

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I use my mill mostly in summer when ground is dry enough. I don't mill very often as I don't sell the product. The trees used  are the ones killed by insects. There are trees that stand dead too long and I can't make use of them other than fire wood. I wonder if the bush is going to survive  because of the insect pests. Also, Eurapean barberry  takes over in the sunny spots and native trees have competing problems  with this invasive species.

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Not often enought it seems.

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Not often enough, because of other responsibilities (and sometimes weather).

I can probably depend on sawing 6 days a month, more often twice that. 

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Every single week.

al mills
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brand new here...still putting 36 together...just waiting for shorted motor bolts and batt cables...r.garrison may I suggest turmeric for arthritis...worked for me...been reading the forum...some excellent concepts...looks like Bill lives in well...tx am

al mills

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