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Advice on selling my LM29

Hi, The time has come to part with my LM29. My heart is still in it but my back says otherwise. I am trying to figure out what a good price would be for the mill. It has about 100 hours on it,it has a 4' bed extension, 13hp Honda engine, and least 10 blades. It runs perfectly. I've looked on Craigslist but can't seem to find any prices . What are your ideas of its value? is there somewhere else I can look for a price? Thanks, David Campton, NH

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I have no real idea but you can probably ask close to the amount you have into it or very close and it will still be a deal for the purchaser.
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Bill, I put 5K on it. I promised it to the first guy that responded for 5K and he is coming up on Saturday to get it. Since then my email has exploded, 22 requests so far! It got to the point that I cut and pasted my response that someone was coming on Saturday to buy it. In response, I have had 3 people offer me 5.5k to 7K if I sold it to them!!! I can't do that, though it hurts :-) So if anyone was thinking of selling their mill, now is the time. It seems like the lead time for a new one is 6-8 months!
James Butler
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Hi Dave. Have you come up with a price yet? I was considering buying a new HD36V2, but would be willing to step down for the right price. I live in Maine and have a wide open schedule to come down and look at it. My email is . Send me an email directly and we can discuss further. Thanks, James Butler

James Butler

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Email sent.
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