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william cunningham
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Blade assistance needed
I need to oder some new blades, and Norwood is extremely busy. I have left messages for a week with no return call. I have a LM29 I need to saw Cedar and then some Walnut and Cherry. I am trying to order blades on the website and can't figure out which ones I need. Can someone assist? I know there are different pitch blades for cedar/soft wood and then hardwood I can't find my receipts what I ordered before. Thank you
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I think you'll get better service from Woodmizer they have good blades and probably cheaper. 10 degree 7/8" spacing should be good , phone them and they'll probably be able to give you the length as well.
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Bill is right - I recently ordered blades online and it took almost 2 months to get them. Only reason I held out for saber tooth blades is that I sharpen my own blades and the cams fit Norwood blades - I have sharpened Woodmiser blades and the first time I sharpen it takes a little bit to get the gullet ground.
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I have the same saw and the same issues. And I could not navigate through the new website to order blades on line. Called Woodmizer. They are all out for months they said. Found someone somewhat locally that sells Lenox blades. Just received 10 of them. Plan to try them this week.