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Blade deck won’t lower with crank alone!

I can raise the saw blade deck with the crank but I can’t lower it without pressing the black release know.  

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Is it bound somewhere?

If you take a crank or two, does the cable get slack?


I had something similar happen once on my LM29, and it was because I was cranking the cable backward. Try this:

  • Lower the deck as low as it goes.
  • Crank in the direction you were lowering it, winding the cable around the bar the other direction.
  • See if it works better. If so, leave it that way.



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Thanks r.garrison 1. I tried that and it was just reversed now. I need to push knob in when I crank it up. So I went through my operators manual. We forgot to add a few drops of oil. It’s amazing what a bit of oil will do. 100% now. 

Thanks for your help. 

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I have switched the crank direction and lubed what I knew to lube and it still wont lower without pressing hard on the deck. Any suggestions?

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I'm having the same [email protected] did you figure out what the problem is?

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I sorted out the problem. Hard to explain, but here goes. The lower black plastic spacers on the deck have 4 bolts the screw into the bottom deck plate. The threaded holes that those bolts screw into were not straight. I mean..they were not tapped straight from the factory. All 4 on the operator side were angled towards the non-opperator side. I corrected by re-tapping them as straight as possible, then the plastic spaced wasn't binding and preventing the deck from lowering on its own. A bit disappointed in the directions...sometimes it takes a while to figure out what is being described, and its not always in the right order.