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Broken Saw Blades

I have three broken saw blades that broke last year. Two of them broke after only making two cuts in to spruce.

Got to get some silver solder from Amazon and study up on Utube on how to do it corectly.

Has anyone out there ever done the repair or had it done and how do they preform??????

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I silver solder any blades I break when new with a kit I bought from Lee Valley so far so good I was practiced up on my workshop bandsaw blades.

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I noticed on Utube a little jig that I can make for holding them together while sweaitting the silver solder in. guess I'll see if I can make that jig today and place an order with Amazon for the solder at least it's free shipping, Lee valley is a 300+ drive to Winnipeg. I'll have it here sometime next week .

Thanks Bill

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I throw them in a bucket, planning on turning them into knives when I get forge time to forge-weld them together.


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It's really important to use sharp blades to cut the steel and wood. You can get info about choosing the circular saw and blades.

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