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Delivery time

Hi I'm new to this forum I just ordered a new lm29 with extensions and trailer package last month and still haven't received it yet I'm getting a bit impatient it's been a month I was wondering how long it took you guys to get your mill on the site it says ships in 2 to 3 days I hope it's not months 

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I'm sure it will arrive eventually ( Maybe smiley looking forward to hearing the Good news.

Old Fodgy
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Hi, it took about a month and a half to get my HD 36, but I was told before I bought my sawmill it was a 4-week wait period.

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Got it yesterday yahoo got the bed together today everything goes together well 

Post Oakie
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Sounds good.  Take your time and follow the instructions.  The biggest problem I had was when I worked ahead or thought I had a better idea, then had to swallow my pride and  re-do it the way the instructions said to.  Pretty soon you'll have yourself a sawmill!

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Got it done went together pretty fast and instructions were good and clear I only got to cut one log yet this weekend will be using it more seems to work really good and yes you can't skip pages lol

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My delivery was lost, what can I say...

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I guess the most frustrating thing that can happen to you is when your package is lost or, even worse, when everyone assures you that everything is fine but you don't receive your package for six months. I've been a subject of such miserable attitude on many occasions, and it stinks, really. That's why finding out about companies like china post tracking number made me so happy. It's important to know where your package is at all times and to avoid dealing with sellers who take an eternity to respond to an email. I wish you the best of luck in your efforts with it!

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Mine took 4 times longer than they said it would.
When it finally showed up it was missing box number 11, (blade covers, water lube system, and depth of cut scale).
Norwood now says it's on indefinite back order, so now I"m sawing logs without the blade covers..... pretty exiting having that spinning blade out in the open with no guards around it at all, but it works!
I hope I don't get hurt, cause I'll have to sue Norwood.

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3 months so far still waiting!
Good Luck!

Richard Evans
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I ordered mine almost 4 months ago. at the time they said it would be about 3 months. when you ordered it, they should have told you when to expect it. after about 3 months i called and they said it was ready. so you will need to follow up with them and be persistent. they are really busy and short handed. I had about a half dozen items that were back ordered so I am still not operational. They aren't able to tell me how long it will be till i get them. also, there were items on the packing list which were not on the skid - slowly making progress on those items. seems to be a solid machine and the instructions to assemble are easy to follow. watch the you tube videos, they are helpful. the process of building it myself has been a lot of fun. back ordered parts and the difficulty of getting shipment errors rectified have dampened the experience a little. good luck.