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Lap Siding Jig

When I bought my sawmill I purchased a Lap Siding jig think ing I would side my house in wood siding. Well try as I may when cutting the siding I would get all different thickness I used it anyway and you could see the different thickness when it was put on, didn't much care because it look better then it was.

When  on Utube watching sawmilling I come to know this guy who made himself a set of jigs to make lap siding His was using  a competors sawmill but he showed how he constructed them, I thought I would make a pair of them and with a bit of modifications I made a pair to fit my LM29 and they work beaitifully the thickness stays to within 1/16" on all of them. Now I'm going to convert the Norwood jigs to making just shingles. Here is some pics of the jigs I have.


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