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Bill MacLellan
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Norwood App

Let's see if we can convince the good people at Norwood to make a few changes to the Sawmill Calculator App. I love the idea, even at my age of having this modern scale stick on my phone, but think we could make it even better. So here are some ideas I have that I would like to see and think would make it much more user friendly.

  1. Make the length, diameter and quantity a little easier to use. do away with that slide thing, I can never get it where I need.
  2. Do away with having to back the numbers out and re-enter them.
  3.  Have a running total, so I can simply add logs on as I go. Right now I still find it faster and much easier to use my scaling stick and note book to scale a pile of logs.
  4. Bigger buttons in the App, sawyers tend to be a husky breed.

thoughts everyone???

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I have problems with the slide, but I realized I could directly edit the number. That helped a lot. 

Possibly replace the slide with some other control that lets you count up and down?

Point 2; I strongly agree. When you click into a number box, the contents should highlight. That way, as soon as you type something, it replaces the existing value.

Point 4: YES. That said, I also don't want to grab my glasses. Find a way to have less logo on the screen, and more content. Less unused real estate.

Post Oakie
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There's a Braille app??  How about having it read the number back to you?

Good judgement comes from experience... experience comes from bad judgement.

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Here's an easy addition to the app. HAve the app store a log of the calculations.

When you make a calculation, there are two buttons to select at the end; either Store or Calc.

The log is in CSV format.

At the end of the day, or the log, you can take the log into Excel or something, sort for all the STORE rows, and that is what you cut.


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