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shingle att
Was cleaning out the sawmill shed and found two boxes that was opened. Looked in side and there was a square metal plate and handles. Found the instruction that said lap siding and shingle maker. We have a Mar4 mill and have never used them. Has any one used this on your mill ? Not sure if we will ever use them but might try is some day.
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I should have made my post more clear. This is a lap siding and shingle maker. Boy did I confuse every one. Just read my post and you will see what I was asking. May and try to use it next year.
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I have used mine, for lap siding, not for shingles. If I remember correctly it was a bit confusion to set up. And I wish Norwood made a lumber scale magnets specific to the siding attachment. I plan to make my own.
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For shingles and lap siding, check out this manufacturer. It was a bit of a hassle to set up, if my memory serves me correctly. The cam handle and the log dog clamping into wood were both made from 1" square tubing and 14" steel plating.
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