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Fred K
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tensioner assembly bolt breaking

Fred K
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Have any of you had a problem with the bolt that is welded to the tension assembly breaking off.

If so what was the fix for it not to happen again?

fred k

r.garrison1's picture

The tension for the blade? That would be bad. I've had problems with the bolt for tensioning the belt coming loose, so I've added a double nut on that.

Fred K
Fred K's picture

Hi RG   This is the bolt that is welded to the tension assembly, that the T handle that you turn to tighten the blade screws onto.

When it broke the tension was on and the handle, under tension flew off and caught me in the solarplex.  OUCH!! 

fred k

r.garrison1's picture

Ouch! I never considered that as a possibility. I'll stand clear as I tighten from now on.


Fred K
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Norwood sent me a warranty replacement, they figured it to be defective. But happens very rarely.

fred k

Post Oakie
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That had to hurt!  Glad Norwood made it right for you.

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