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Toe boards install
Merry Christmas everyone. Santa brought me toe boards for my LM 29. Looking forward to not having to man handle those big logs. Of course I have already managed enough time between food and present opening to assemble the parts. But when I went to install it on the mill I had an issue with the supplied 2 1/2” bolts. They do not have threads the entire length of bolt so when putting the nuts on I run out of threads to tighten them. I need about a 1/4” more. So I need some shims or a few washers or something to make up the distance. Or of course the right bolts. But before I do any of those things has anyone installed these recently? What were the bolts used to to install the orange bracket to the mill? 2 /12”. Gold coloured? Any spacers or washers needed?
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Merry Christmas! I don't have toe boards, but I do have an LM29. When I look on the main website, and see the image for the toe board, it looks like there isn't any spacer. I would suggest maybe adding washers on the nut side to make it tight, then when you can get in touch with Norwood, you can get the correct ones from them. Here's the picture on the main web site:
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Thanks. That’s what I’ll do. The picture is much different than the set up I have. They must have changed designs. Be interesting to talk to them when the open.
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Merry Christmas! The toe boards shown in the picture that R.garrison sent are the same ones that I installed on my HD36 a couple of years ago. I’m not sure if they are the same ones for LM29 - they bolted right up to the bunks on my mill. You gonna like them!!! I use mine all the time.
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Sure enough the wrong bolts were sent in the package. New ones on the way. For now I loaded up some washers under each nut. Already so happy to have these.
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