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Toeboard ideas

I’m not prepared to spend the money on Norwoods toeboards but I’m not satisfied with using my car jack to lift the end of some of these heavy logs. So anyone done anything   Creative and fairly cheap to use as toeboards?  Like to be able to use materials from a local hardware store or Canadian tire. Preferably to bolt on the existing cross bunks. My young son is getting pretty decent at welding in case that’s needed. So any ideas? Thoughts?  

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I have some 2"pipe I use with my mill, for quite a number of uses. What I do when I need to raise one end of the log, I do the following:


  • I stick one short (3' ) pipe in one of the sockets for the legs (I have an LM29 mobile), so the log can't roll off onto me, or the ground. On the other side, the stops are up.
  • I stick one end of a longer pipe (4' or so) under the log, sit on the other end, lifting one end of the log. I then have my hands free to stick a block or wedge under the log, on the end bunk.
  • I stand up, dog the log, take out the short pipe, and cut.


I also use the pipe for log rollers; when I am adjusting a log up or down the mill, I use the same technique to lift one end of the log, stick a 2" pipe across the rails, repeat ont he other end. This allows me to easily roll the log up and down the mill.

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Look through the "Useful Sawmill Mods" thread - some good ideas and examples there.  I have Norwood's original mechanical toeboard setup on my mill, but for really big logs, I use a little one-ton hydraulic bottle jack to lift the ends of logs. It's simple, easy, and effective as long as the log is secured on both sides. Just put a board or block on the ground, set the jack under the center of the log-end, and pump it up to the height you need. It may not be the most elegant solution, but it works well.

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Hi guys, I'm kinda new here. I had used this forum in the past, but Norwood was very picky about what people posted, and I had linked to another site with non-Norwood products and the moderator didn't like it and ended up banning me.

I'm not here to cause any problem, and I will be careful about linking to other sites. I will look to see if there are guidelines to follow on the forums.

I have an LM2000 and in the past I wanted to buy parts from Norwood, but they wouldn't sell me any of the newer parts as they said they wouldn't take responsibility as they wouldn't fit my mill. I have a custom 30' bed, so I don't have the original trailer/bed, I never got that when I bought my mill, the previous owner had sold it.

All of that said, I have an ideas in regard to this topic. The first idea was to create toeboards using a conveyor roller as most look like they are done. The problem is that most conveyor rollers don't have the capacity to handle the weight of most logs. So what I am thinking about doing is using a section of schedule 40 pipe and turn the ends on a metal lathe to accept a press fit bearing. I have a lot of bearings. I would make these so I could mount them on a floor jack or bottle jack. I bought a couple used floor jacks to try this with as I proceed on this project.

Basically I'm thinking of making my own conveyor roller using schedule 40 pipe and a couple sealed ball bearings in the ends. There are probably conveyor rollers avaialble to handle the weight, but McMaster-Carr doesn't seem to have any.



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I think any bearings will work lifting the end of a log even a heavy one isn't that difficult  and it's not moving at any speed so you won't wear them out. 

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