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Why don't images work? I know why...

I am not sure who configured or even who maintains these forums but they are are misconfigured.


As many/all of you know posting images doesn't work. Part of the problem is there is no "Image" icon on the toolbar, but possibly the intention was for the media button to handle that.


These forums support BBCode and you can add the tag yourself, but the problem is with the code that the Forums produce with that and they add an "https" (secure) opposed to "http" (insecure) to the url, so the url gets changed for any non-secure images.


As an example, I wonder what will happen if I can find a secure server. If my theory is correct this image off ebay works.



And there you go!


Another problem is that by default all the posts will send you an email notification when someone posts. I would personally turn that off, it's so redundant, but the problem is that the server can't send emails, so no matter if it's a notification or confirmation for your password change, you will get an error. Something is misconfigured for the MTA, I don't know what, but the server can't send messages.


Most all of you will see messages about this when you post, that it can't send the email and to contact the admin.



PS - I would offer to fix the problem(s), but suspect trying to get access to these forums from Norwood would be a hair pulling experience.

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I find that when I want to add an image, I first try a generic post, with the image. When I add the image, it gets added to my images on my profile. Then, I start the document I really want to post, and then go to my library to get the images. 

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I wasn't able to get those working, not sure why. I would prefer to upload them and store them here, and Norwood should want that also, it's the easiest for the future in case the image disappears from the hosting server. As happened a couple years ago with Photobucket.


It would be nice if someone could clean up the forums configuration so all these errors didn't exist.


In a similar error, if you post a youtube video using the BBCode tags, the software converts it to a non-secure and has the wrong URL. You know the old saying, two wrongs don't make a applies here I think...LOL



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