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Building a cabin in northern Wi.

Here are some pictures of the cabin project and the mill that got me hooked on milling. 

Black ash logs milled to 6 in 3 sided cabin logs.


The mill that did all the work.



Post Oakie
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Looks like a good start on the cabin.  Looks like that ol' mill has a lot of cutting to do!  Is that an old Case tractor in the background?

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Its its a old Alis Chalmers B. We used it to pull logs form the woods to building site. 

Thats a pic of half the logs. We cut 800 linear feet of log all the hardwood flooring and 2x6 s for rafters and floor jousts.  All black ash. Will cut pine this summer to sheet the roof. Hope to cut it on the new so 27 mill.

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