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Computer setworks

I just saw the video for the "Computer Setworks" for the HD36.  Anybody have one yet? What is the orice, I did not see it on the product sheet.



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Both it and the debarker have not made it into the price list. I would be interested in knowing what encoder there are using and how it handles virbration. (looks like it may be interfaced with the lift cables (1:17 of the video) .

Autocalibrate is a interesing term..

Can't wait to to see more indepth videos and hear user reviews.



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I have a friend with a TK mill, and the automatic part of setting it is this:

The saw is set to just above the log, a button is pushed. 

Another button has the saw go all the way down, to the bottom. The setworks keeps the difference as the log height. 

You can then cut your preset thickness from the top, or measured from the bottom.

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It must provide greater accuracy in board thickness. It would not change cutting time...  as a software engineer I am curious.

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Yeah, it doesn't change cutting time.

One weakness is every time you turn the log, you need to re-calibrate.

What is really needed is a camera, where it takes an image of the log end (plan on the small end toward the head), then it sets to the top, validates the height as described above. Then, it uses the camera to evaluate the width. 

Then it uses the Pi3 processor to evaluate best yield, and starts the cut. It automatically rotates when appropriate (using the camera to validate position). On the return, it uses an arm to shove the board onto the stack by the head of the mill.

You end up with a nice stack of boards, and an empty cup of coffee, instead of some boards and a cup of cold coffee with sawdust on top (my usual).

Hi all,

I have a Hd36 with the setworks computer on it. Just recently it started giving off a memory error. It looks like the memory is corrupted
Is there somewhere I can download the software and reload it?