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Elm worth
Came into a large elm tree from my son in laws yard. Paid someone to have anything millable delivered to my yard. Today I opened one piece up and was pleasantly surprised. Quite lovely. Anyway. I clearly will have way more than I need on this life time. I’ve never really been in this for selling stuff but there’s just too much of this for me. But I have no idea what it’s worth. And how do you determine what a log is worth? Someone is interested in a large log. 36” diameter. 5’ long. For the stuff I mill is $2.50 a board foot reasonable?
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Check out elm lumber on Ebay; there's a bunch there. I don't know how they get the high prices some are asking. Serious woodworkers or a high-end cabinet shop might want some dried elm. Price, I don't know, but it needs to be dried before anyone will likely be interested. Log sale - good luck on that unless you know somebody who produces slab tables.
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